Whether your business has only 2 or up to 1,000 employees we here at Wealth Advocates can put together an employee benefits and business insurance package tailored to the specific needs of your company.  Wealth Advocates is a one stop shop for all the insurance needs for your business.

A well designed employee benefits package can be a large factor in taking care of the health and well being of your employees, enhancing their productivity, reducing turnover, and even attracting top level talent.  At Wealth Advocates we will assist you in navigating through your options and helping you design a plan that works within your budget and provides the best possible coverage.  Some coverages can be offered to employees at no cost to the employer.  We are able to assist you in the following areas:

Employee Benefits

        -  Health, Dental, Vision
        -  Disability (Short & Long Term)
        -  Life 
        -  Long-Term Care
        -  Supplemental Voluntary Benefits
        -  Pre-Paid Legal
        -  Identity Theft Protection

Business Succession Planning

        -  Buy/Sell Funding
        -  Family Limited Partnerships

-  Executive Benefit Planning

        -  Key Employee Insurance Benefits 
        -  Executive Insurance Benefits
        -  Executive Compensation Planning

Business Insurance is another area that helps protect your day to day business operations from natural disaster, onsite disability of an employee, lawsuits by your customers/business associates, etc..  We work closely with your business to see where your biggest exposures are, what you are required by law to have, and what might be required in certain contracts you are working on.  The business insurance marketplace is extremely dynamic and must be shopped every year to ensure you are receiving the best coverage for the best cost, so we will work with you every year to accomplish this task.  Below are some of the common business insurance areas that we can assist you with:

        -  General Liability
        -  Worker's Compensation
        -  Professional Liability (Worker's Compensation)
        -  Business Auto
        -  Director's & Officer's 
        -  Bonding

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss the unique ways in which we can help set up an efficient employee benefits and/or business insurance package.  If you already have these coverages we can discuss your current situation and look at alternatives that you may have to offer a more cost efficient package, better benefits, or additional coverages you do not currently offer.