About Us

Wealth Advocates is an independent insurance agency located in the Washington D.C. Metro area.  Here are Wealth Advocates we serve the Life & Health as well as Property & Casualty Insurance needs of individuals and small to medium sized businesses in VA, MD, DC, and PA. 

Since we are an independent agency we are contracted with over 50 highly rated insurance carriers to help serve our clients life & health and property & casualty insurance needs.  Here is a list of the types of clients we can help best:

·          Small to Medium Sized Businesses – Can assist with any of their employee benefit and business insurance needs.

·         Associations – We offer packages to association members that include discounts on various insurances and other products and services.

·         Banks – Partnership programs currently available with community banks in VA, MD, DC, & PA 

·         Individuals & Families – We offer a full range of life & health as well as property & casualty insurances to individuals and families. 

·         Professional Athletes – We offer various insurance coverage’s  to professional athletes that are not found in the traditional marketplace and are specific to the sport the athlete participates in.

What makes Wealth Advocates unique is that we take a consultative approach to our clients.  Since we are independent we get to know as much as possible about the unique needs of our clients, then go out to the marketplace to find the highest quality products to provide the best solutions to our clients.

If necessary we will coordinate the insurances we set up with our clients other advisors such as estate, business, and real estate attorney’s, accountants, payroll companies, human resource director, etc..

However our job doesn’t stop there.  We provide top notch customer service that is very responsive because we know our client’s needs don’t stop after they purchase an insurance product.  In fact in most cases the relationship has just begun.  Client reviews are performed on a regular basis to make sure the current coverages are adequate, they have the best product and price out in the market, and make any changes necessary. 

Due to the many unique needs of our clients we have a large network of local professionals that we can refer you to upon request.  Some common areas are estate attorney’s, business attorney’s, financial planners, business consultants, payroll specialists, COBRA administrators, mortgage brokers’, realtor’s, and many experts in the health and wellness arena.